End of the first half term

Date: 23rd Oct 2020 @ 4:33pm

Hello Everyone

We have had an extremely successful half term. From September until now it has been a pleasure to get to know your children. I started off by completing their baseline assessments, which tell me what they already know, and more about their interests. We have worked so hard to learn all of the letters and the sounds that they make. Today I worked with each child individually to see how many they could remember and I was astounded at how well they are doing. 

I have uploaded this weeks photos and as you can see we have been very busy!

Next half term we will start to read the sounds together and make words such as cat, dog, mum, dad. 

We have also been learning some of the words in English that cannot be read by using our sounds. We call these words Tricky words. The videos for these words are on the class webpage. The more that your child listens to stories, practises their sounds and learns their Tricky words the easier they will find reading by themselves. I would encourage you to continue to look at the videos over the holidays.

When we return to school the children will also have their first reading books.

I have sent the children's reusable water bottles home for you to wash and use at home. Please can you return these after the holidays. If you have not yet sent in Wellies for your child pleaase can youi do this after the holidays.

One final thing, I have noticed on several occasions that some children are coming to school with whole grapes. As stated on my class webpage we need to have all grapes cut in half lengthways. Grapes are a huge choking hazard for young children and unfortunately we do not have the facilities to cut them at school.

Have a safe holiday

Mrs Buckley


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