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This page will include a range of learning that you can access if your child has to isolate due to Covid19.

Reading is the key to all our learning. I encourage you to read daily with your child. You can register for additional books on the link below:


Phonics Play is a website that is used to support children in learning to read by developing their skills in phonics. Currently, the website have offered their services for free to parents. The login is as follows:

username: march20

password: home

Please look at the Phase 2 tab on the left and play these games with your child.



Rhyming Words - Can you think of as many words as you can that rhyme with 'bat'. Can you make a list of these words? We'll start...bat - spat... 



Play some of these phonics games - Phase 2 games






Can you draw and label some words that begin with the same sound as your name. Practice writing the letters in your name. 



Ask a grown up to write out the numbers from 1- 10 (these can be written on scrap paper or card). Choose a number card and count out that number of objects. You can use your toys, pencils or even dried pasta! We can count anything! Do you think you could count with numbers beyond 10? What is the biggest number or objects you can count?



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