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Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page.

Your child will be sent home from school on Friday 20th with a handwritng workbook, a green blank page book to write and draw in and a maths book that they can use to practise their numbers, shapes and patterns.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we base the majority of our learning in a play based curriculum. Please feel free to take photos of your child during their play based learning and stick them in their green book, this will act as evidence of their learning and assessments for the end of the school year. 

Reading is the key to all our learning. I have sent home additional books for all children and encourage you to read daily with your child. You can register for additional books on the link below:


Phonics Play is a website that is used to support children in learning to read by developing their skills in phonics. Currently, the website have offered their services for free to parents. The login is as follows:

username: march20

password: home

Please look at the Phase 2 tab on the left and play these games with your child.



Ladybird Spots is a maths game where your child can explore counting, matching or ordering.

Reception: All games are appropriate for this age group. 


Teddy Numbers is a maths game to support counting up to 15.

Reception: Please focus on numbers up to 15 or 20 (for more challenge). 


Mental Maths Train can be used by Reception children to consolidate work on addition (+) and subtraction (-). 

Please focus on either addition (+) or subtraction (-) and then choose the game 'up to 10'. Your child may want objects (such as toys) to help them work out the answers. 


Project ideas - 

Our class author is EricCarle - The Hungry Caterpillar. Can you make a model of the caterpillar? Can you make some wings that you can wear? Like the butterfly at the end of the story.


A free resource from youtube:



During this difficult time it is important to reflect on and remember the love our Lord gives us.

As we approach Holy Week it is a time to remember about the sacrifices Jesus has made for us.

Below you can find videos to play for your child in relation to Palm Sunday and the Easter Story.

There are also some activities that you can do at home with your little one to celebrate this important time of the Liturgical year. 


Palm Sunday Video-https://vimeo.com/59691514

The Easter Story video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL8R158Ujp4

 Palm Sunday 

Can you make some palm leaves and act out the story of Palm Sunday with your toys? You can collect leaves from outside to use as palms, cut out paper palms or use the stencil below.

Can you make an Easter card for your family?

Use the Ppt below (in files to download) to tell the Easter Story.

Using the pictures to help can the children retell the story to you?

*Challenge: Write a sentence about one part of the Easter story in your book and draw a picture.

Easter Bunny Basket

Can you make an Easter basket? What will you make it out of? How will you decorate it?

Please find a basket cut and stick if you would prefer.

Colour and decorate your basket, then cut around the edge and fold it into a little basket that can hold some mini eggs!


Can you match the objects that rhyme? - Some ideas of things you may have in the house -

  • car, jar, star
  • sock, rock, lock, clock
  • cap, map
  • pan, can, fan
  • bag, tag, flag
  • bell, shell
  • duck, truck
  • rice, dice

You can also cut out the eggs. (in files to download) Can you match the rhyming words?

Easter bunny maths

In your book or practically -Number bonds to five - How many different ways can you make 5 using two sets of eggs?(Use any objects)

O O O O O                 O O O O O

Can you write the addition?

1 + 4=5       2+3=5

Worksheet of activity (in files to download)

Can you help the Easter bunny to put five eggs in each basket? Some baskets already have some eggs in! How many more do they need?

*Challenge your child to work up to 10.

Easter cutting skills

Can you cut out different shapes to make the Easter bunny or an Easter chick?

*See files below for shapes to cut*

See the source image

Can you cut out Easter pictures from magazines and make a collage?

Level 1: Can you cut out these Easter pictures by cutting along the dotted lines? 

Level 2: Can you name some of the shapes you have cut out?


**Additional Home Learning Activities**

Dave the Dog- Helping your child to understand more about Coronavirus 

This is a strange time for all and many children might be confused as to why they can't go to school, why they can't go outside and play with their friends, and why their family and people on the TV seem worried and keep talking about something called 'Coronavirus'. 

Below is a lovely story aimed at younger children to help them understand more about what is happening at the moment. The central character is called 'Dave the Dog' and he is confused and worried about what is happening. The story explains to Dave more about Coronavirus in a child friendly way, discussing good hygiene, the importance of staying home, and most importantly, eventually we will be ok.

Please find the story below- in the files to download. I hope it helps- stay safe and God bless

Additional Maths games

Play Funky Mummy's Addition to 10


See the source image

CVC game


See the source image

2D shapes games can extend to 3D shapes


Image result for 2d and 3d shape shifting games




Name Writing

  • name1.jpg

  • name2.jpg

  • name3.jpg

Can you try writing your name in different ways? You could use collage, decorate your name, make a name jigsaw, write it using rainbow colours etc. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest! The link is below.


Level 1: First name

Level 2: Full name



Reading of any kind is fantastic and is a wonderful way to enjoy this time together. Here is a reading game for the children to get stuck into. The computer version is free, however if you choose to download the app, it is currently 99p.


Crickweb is a website with a range of games to support children with their learning in a variety of areas. Key games are recommended below.


Basic Number Recognition focuses on numeral recognition and quantities.

Level 1 and 2 allows the children to hear a number, and then move the appropriate number of sticks from the box on the left to the box on the right, and click on the number. Level 3, 4 and 5 focus only on number recognition. Can you complete level 5?

Initial sounds is a game where children see the letter, and click on the picture that starts with that sound. The option to hear the instruction and the words is there to help. Can you complete level 5?

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This website has a range of pictures to support a discussion around feelings. Can you identify how the characters in the pictures are feeling?



Below (in the files to download) is a brilliant document to support children's wellbeing. Please have a look through and choose some activities to do - you may want to choose a few per day or a few per week. 

**Summer Term** - Update

Hello Reception children and families,

I have missed you all and hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather over the Easter break.

Our next book is Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett. Our activities will be linked to this book. There is a video link on the page for you to access the story. Have lots of fun and we can’t wait to see you all again! Take care, Mrs Buckley


Please watch this video of the story Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett.

**Video has also been posted on the main class page - under the Tricky word videos**

Can you write a 'Wanted' poster for Evil Pea?

Can you design and label a trap to catch Evil Pea?

These activities can be printed (they are in the files at the bottom of the page) or you can make your own poster and draw your design. 


These activities can be printed from the files at the bottom of the page, or they can be completed via the screen. Enjoy!

Physical Development

Can you copy the moves to this superhero dance?

*Please see video at the bottom of the page


  • evil pea trap.jpg

  • supertato art.png

  • supertato art1.jpg

Can you draw or paint a picture of Supertato or Evil pea?

If you have a potato or a ball, can you dress them up to look like Supertato or Evil Pea?

Can you make your trap for Evil Pea?


I hope that you have enjoyed the SuperTato work so far. Here are some new ideas and activities for you to try:

Can you draw your own superhero and write about them? What would be their name? What will they look like? What powers will they have?

Look in the fridge/cupboards and see which fruits and vegetables you have. Can you write a list? Can you sort into fruits and vegetables?

Can you do this cut and stick sorting sheet, and then label the fruit and vegetables?

Can you name real life superheroes? How do they help us?

  • fruit labelling.png

  • vegetable labelling.png

Please scroll down to the games 'Fruit labelling' and 'Vegetable labelling'.

The aim of the games are to drag the name of the fruit/vegetable to the correct picture. How many fruits and vegetables do you know?


Phonics games

Viking Full Circle is a game where you choose the letters to spell particular words. Give it a try!


The Dinosaur's Eggs is a phonics game where you hear a word and your job is to click on the correct spelling of the word. 

This game doesn't currently work on iOS devices but hopefully it will soon.




  • c.png

  • a.png

  • d.png

  • o.png

  • q.png

  • g.png

Can you practise writing the letters c, a, d, o, q, g correctly? Here are some superhero handwriting sheets if you would like to use them for the entire alphabet.

Here are some phrases for writing these letters:

c - curl around the caterpillar

a - round the apple, down the leaf

d - round his bottom, up his tall neck, down to his feet

o - all around the orange

q - round her head, up past her earrings, down her hair

g - round her face, down her hair, give her a curl

**There are more files at the bottom of the page to download**


Set up a shop with your Mummy or Daddy. Write price labels from 1p to 10p. You can be the shopkeeper or Mum or Dad could be. Ask them to buy things with 1p, 2p or 5p coins. Here are some money games.



We would also like you to work on one more and one less than. There is a document on the file list below, and here is a game that you can play. How many points can you get?

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/chopper-squad - to 20

**Worksheets to download at the bottom of the page**

Physical Development

Supertato always needs superheroes to help him! Can you train like a superhero?

Can you complete the fruit bowl jigsaw? Just press shuffle to begin! 


VE Day

Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day!! VE Day is also known as Victory in Europe Day and marks the day towards the end of World War Two. 

Below (under the files) is a video explaining a little about what VE day is. 

To help remember the soldiers who fought and to celebrate this milestone, can you design and make your own VE day medal?

**File at the bottom of the page**

**Update** 11thMay

International Nurses Day - Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday 12th May is International Nurses Day and also Florence Nightingale's birthday! Watch the video below to find out who Florence Nightingale is. 

To celebrate nurses, why don't you write a thank you card to them and post them to your local hospital? If you cannot post letters, I'm sure nurses who walk past your home on their daily walk would love to see some drawings in your windows! There are card templates available below.


If you click on the link below you will find a range of fiction and non-fiction books, which can either be read by the child, a family member or you can click the speaker for the story to be read to you.



May is the month of Mary.  Take time to remember and pray to her. There are some activities and information below.

Phonics games

Reading Machine is a game where you look at the picture, read the words and click on the word which matches the picture. How many can you match?



 CVC Maker is a game where you change the letters to make the word.  



This week we are working on number bonds! 

Save the Whale

The whale is trapped in the lake. Add lengths of pipe until the total is 10, (you can use more than two). Then turn the wheel valve to set the water pouring. If you're answer is correct the whale will swim off to sea!


Hit the Button

Click on Number bonds then Make 10. You will be shown a number. Hit the button that makes the total up to 10.


Top of the Class

Get to the top of the class by answering the sums correctly and making his platform move higher. But beware of the clock ticking away! 



This week we are starting a new story called Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke! Below is a reading of the story. 

Can you draw and label a map of all the adventures that Naughty Bus goes on?

What is your favourite toy? Can you draw it and write about why it is your favourite?

Can you design a stop sign to warn vehicles of the deep pond?

Can you write a thank you letter to the rescue truck?

Where would you go with Naughty Bus? Tell us about it!


Can you make your own vehicle using junk modelling?

I wonder whose vehicle will go the furthest!

First, make yourself a ramp. There are many ways to do this and I am sure your children will have many ideas. For a simple idea, why not use an empty cardboard cereal box and lean it against the wall? Next, find yourself something to go down the ramp. Ideally, this will be a vehicle with wheels.

Take it in turns to send down your vehicles recording how far they went each time.

Key Questions:

  • Which vehicle went the furthest?
  • Which went the shortest distance?
  • How do you know?
  • How could we make the vehicle go further? 
  • Would changing how steep the ramp is affect the distance the vehicle travels? 

Naughty bus sank to the bottom of the pond - ask for permission from your parents and find out which of your toys float or sink. Why do you think they floated or sank?

UPDATE: 18th May - Week 9

As I have previously posted: - Oxford Owl is a free website which has a wonderful amount of learning opportunities. This link below leads you to a full range of ebooks for either the children to read, an adult to read to the child or there is a play button which allows the book to be read to you (this may help once the child has already read the page to improve comprehension).


There are also some great maths activities on this website via the link below. 



The books below have been added to the Oxford Owl library and are about the current situation. Everybody Worries is more appropriate for our age group, however some Reception children may be interested in Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home.

  • winnie and wilbur stay at home.png

  • everybody worries.png

*For motor skills this week I am adding a document at the bottom of the page called Dough Disco*

We often use play dough in school as it is a great way to get the children's hands moving and is a fun way to start early writing skills.


Below is the Naughty Bus story for you to refer to. 

The tow truck has broken down! How else can we save Naughty Bus from the water?

Can you create your own license plate?

Can you create a missing poster for Naughty Bus?

Can you think of other words to describe Naughty Bus?

Naughty Bus has a new friend, the Naughty Train! Can you draw a picture and write about the naughtiest thing the train will do?

 Broken Tow Truck.docx Download
 License Plate.docx Download
 Missing Poster.docx Download
 Naughty Bus Description.docx Download
 Naughty Train.docx Download


Phonics games

Match cards - Read the word on the card at the top, and drag the picture that matches it to the word. How many can you answer correctly?



Fishing bowl - Do you get the letters b, d and p mixed up?  Try this sorting game!


Road Safety

Naughty Bus reminds us that we must keep safe on the roads. Below are a few activities for you to visit. 


Watch this video and sing along to the road safety songs.

Watch this road safety video.

Be Bright, Be Seen game - can you choose the best outfit for Bobby Badger to wear so he can be seen on the roads?



This week we are recapping 1 less than, and improving our addition and subtraction skills. 

 1 Less Than Caterpillars.docx Download
 Addition True or False.docx Download
 Pirate Addition.pdf Download
 Subtraction True or False.docx Download
 Takeaways.doc Download
 Teddies Addition.pdf Download


Addition to 10

Read the number sentence at the top. The numbers represent the animals in the boxes. How many animals are there altogether? Choose the correct number.


Subtraction within 10

Read the number sentence at the top. The first number represents the amount of animals in the box. Then it asks you to take a number of animals away (you could do this by covering this many animals on the screen with a piece of paper or your hand). How many animals are left?


Physical Development

Can you join in with the Wheels on the Bus dance?

Can you jump, shake and shimmy the sillies out? 


  • nature pic.png

  • nature pic1.png

  • nature pic2.jpg

Collect sticks, leaves etc. from your garden or on a walk. Can you make a picture with them?

**Mental Health Awareness Week**

As you will have seen from my blog and the whole school blog I wrote. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme is Kindness.

Welcome back to home learning.


Below is the Naughty Bus story for you to refer to. 

Naughty Bus wants a new friend to play with - can you design a super race car and label it?

Draw a picture of yourself and your friends on a bus. Can you write a sentence about where you are going?

Write a sorry letter from Naughty Bus for making the wrong choices.

Imagine you have your own Naughty Bus! What would the bus get up to?

 Draw a Bus.docx Download
 Race Car Design.docx Download
 Sorry Letter.docx Download
 Your Naughty Bus.docx


Phonics games

Help a Hedgehog - have a go at reading the words that come up. Once you've read the word, press the tick. How many words can you read in 90 seconds?



Letter Planet - the spaceship has ran out of fuel! To help, you must find the words with special friends ch, sh and th. Can you help?



This week we are focussing on capacity! We also have some addition games to keep practising.


Practical activity

Get a saucepan and several different containers (plastic cup, bowl, mug, Tupperware dish etc. - not too small).
Pick up one of the containers. Look at it and make a guess - how many cups of water will fill the saucepan? Make a note of the guess. (There is a recording sheet below for you or you could recreate this on some paper).

Carefully fill it with water and tip it into the saucepan. Repeat until the saucepan is full, counting as you go. Record the number it took, did you make a good guess?

Repeat the experiment with other containers.

Which took the least /most number of pours to fill up the saucepan?

 Capacity Ordering.pdf Download
 Capacity Recording Sheet.docx Download
 Colouring Capacity.pdf Download


Funky Mummy

You can choose bonds of 10, + up to 10, or if you really want a challenge you could do + up to 20! (It may be helpful to have 20 items for children to use as a support). 

Read the number sentence at the top of the screen, and click on the correct answer!


Smoothie Maths

Choose 'facts within 10'. Can you make a yummy smoothie? Your job is to 


Physical Development

Jump Start Jonny - which dance will you choose to do today?




  • nature pic.png

  • nature pic1.png

  • nature pic2.jpg

Using a camera (could be a tablet or phone - please ask permission first), go on a photography scavenger hunt! Take a photograph of the following:

  1. Someone you love
  2. An animal
  3. A plant that is smaller than you
  4. A plant that is taller than you
  5. Something that makes you smile
  6. A toy you love to play with
  7. Something that is yellow
  8. Something that is green
  9. A mode of transport
  10. Something pretty

As a challenge, could you write a sentence about one of your photographs?

Update Monday 15th June


This week we are basing our learning on the story of Little Red Riding Hood! Below is a video of the story.

How would you describe the characters of the story?

Can you design a healthy picnic for Grandma? What have you chosen for your lunch box?

Can you draw pictures and write key words/phrases to create a story map? There is an example in the files below.

If you were Little Red Riding Hood, what would you say when you realised that the wolf wasn't your Grandma?

 Describe the Character.pdf Download
 Lunch Box.doc Download
 Story Map Example.pdf Download
 What Would You Say.pdf Download


Phonics games

Alien escape - Race against the clock to help the alien escape to his spaceship!

You will see an alien waiting to cross a gap in the road. Next to the alien is a scrambled word and a picture. Click the letters in the correct order to spell the word in the picture, they will drop down to build a bridge across the gap. If you spell the word correctly the alien will walk across and climb up to the next gap. If the alien does not move, click on the letters to send them back to the top and try again.



Penalty shootout - Learn to spell tricky words (or as we call them - red words) with this fun Penalty Shootout game! You can score a goal by clicking on the correct answer. But watch out! This goalkeeper finds it hard to lose! 



This week we are focussing on addition and subtraction! 

 Addition and Subtraction.doc Download
 Addition and Subtraction.docx Download
 Addition..docx Download
 Addition.pdf Download
 Subtraction.docx Download


Alien Addition

Invading spaceships with addition problems move down from the top of the screen toward a laser cannon on a platform at the bottom - can you solve the problems in time? 

I advise choosing the slow option, and starting between 1 and 5, increasing the number as you grow in confidence! 


Subtraction within 10

Can you solve the number sentences?


Physical Development

Join in with the Little Red Riding Hood dance workshop!


As it will be Fathers Day on Sunday I think it would be a lovely idea for you to make a card for your Daddy.

There are lots of great ideas on Google for you to copy one.

Update Week 22.6.20


This week we are basing our learning on the story of The Three Little Pigs! Below is a video of the story.

Can you retell the story to a member of your family?

Can you challenge yourself to draw a picture and write a couple of sentences about your favourite part of the story?

Can you draw the brick house and label all of the parts? For example, window, door, roof.

Can you write a list of 3-5 facts about the wolf or can you write key words to describe the wolf (such as naughty or bad)?

Can you complete the story map? You can draw the parts of the story if you don't have a printer. Can you add key words to the story map in the correct place?

 Three Little Pigs Story Map.pdf


Phonics games

Viking Full Circle - Choose the letters to spell the words. Give it a try!



The Dinosaur's Eggs is a phonics game where you hear a word and your job is to click on the correct spelling of the word. 



This week we are focussing on time, sorting and matching!


The blank timetable is for the last problem on the 'talking about time and solving problems' sheet. It is also editable in case you need more or less boxes.

 Beat The Clock.pdf Download
 Blank timetable.doc Download
 Talking about time and solving problems.pub Download

Showing 1-3 of 3

Sort the Street

Find as many different ways to sort the houses as you can! How many ways are there?


Matching Numbers

You'll need a partner to play with.

You can print out the cards or use the interactive activity. Take it in turns to turn the cards over. Can you match the pictures? What do you need to look for?


Physical Development

When you are outside, you could play 'What’s the time Mr Wolf?'. Remember to run if it’s dinner time!

  • wolf instructions.png

  • wolf instructions1.png

Can you learn the Three Little Pigs dance moves?


Create the three little pigs and big bad wolf using various materials. Above are some ideas of different ways you could create the these characters.


You will need: a selection of materials of your choice



-Create the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.

-Think about how you can use different materials to create a desired outcome.

-Can you act out the story, using what you’ve made?

 Download Document

Cutting skills

Oh dear! The pigs forgot to get themselves dressed! Can you help them? Print out these sheets (above), cut out the clothing and dress the pigs? If you don't have access to a printer please draw the pigs and clothing to be cut out.
















































Files to Download

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