Lockdown Learning 2021

Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page.

Tuesday 5th January 2021.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) we base the majority of our learning in a play based curriculum. Please feel free to take photos of your child during their play based learning and stick them in a scrapbook or save for me for a later date, this will act as evidence of their learning and assessments for the end of the school year. 

Reading is the key to all our learning. I encourage you to read daily with your child. They can also watch many stories on the CBeebies iplayer - Bedtime stories.

You can register for additional books on the link below:


Phonics Play is a website that is used to support children in learning to read by developing their skills in phonics.

Please look at the Phase 2 tab on the left and play these games with your child.



Ladybird Spots is a maths game where your child can explore counting, matching or ordering.

Reception: All games are appropriate for this age group. 


Teddy Numbers is a maths game to support counting up to 15.

Reception: Please focus on numbers up to 15 or 20 (for more challenge). 


Mental Maths Train can be used by Reception children to consolidate work on addition (+) and subtraction (-). 

Please focus on either addition (+) or subtraction (-) and then choose the game 'up to 10'. Your child may want objects (such as toys) to help them work out the answers. 


Project ideas - 

Our class author is EricCarle - How many of his stories can you read?

The Hungry Caterpillar is a story that we have already read in class and watched the video (available on YouTube) Can you make a model of the caterpillar? Can you make some wings that you can wear? Like the butterfly at the end of the story.

Outdoor Learning - as you are all aware we learn outside on a daily basis at school. I appareciate that we all need to be very careful when accessing outside at the moment, however even going for a walk offers a variety of opportunities for learning.

I will be finding lists of outdoor activities and uploading these on a daily basis. 

Wednesday 6th January

Today is the feast of the Epiphany - The Visit of the Three Kings/Wisemen

I would like you to watch the video as part of your RE learning & story time today and discuss what happened

https://youtu.be/VySzDA07N-c ** Please se the video at the bottom of the page**

Thursday 7th January

*Please use the above Maths links for games this week - I will be uploading more each week*

Phonics Play has a free subscription on their website - I highly recommend that you play these games daily for at least 20 minutes. Please also watch and listen to the videos on the main class page for Jolly Phonics and Tricky Words. As part of your child's daily writing I would ask them to write the letters and sounds and make words. They could also write the Tricky words or you could make a simple matching game or bingo to play, using those words. The more times your child sees a word the more likely they are to remember it.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World  - This is one of the strands of learning in Early Years. It contains Science, History & Geography.

At this time of year we talk about Winter. We look at the weather. We describe what the weather is like. What we might need to wear. The foods we might eat in the winter.

At school we usually go into the outside area and investigate, especially if there has been a frost overnight or if there has been any snow. If the water in puddles etc has frozen we investigate how it feels, can we see through it. These are all basic Scientific principles that will help your child in the future. Being able to have the knowledge and explain what they know, will show their understanding. 

As always if you can ask your child to draw, write down or say what they know (and you write it for them) you can keep it, stick it in their book as learning evidence.

Friday 8th January

Please remember to go on Phonics Play for at least 20 minutes (in class the children love to play these games)

On the main class page watch Jolly Phonics - phase 2 and Tricky Words videos. It is very important that your child knows all of the letters and sounds of the alphabet and revises these.

Alphablocks on Cbeebies is a great way to engage your child in learning the letters and sounds to help them read.

Numberblocks on Cbeebies is also recommended to help with number work.

Personal, Social & Emotional development - This is another area of learning from the early years curriculum.

For todays work I would like you to share the story - Have you filled a bucket today? *Video at the bottom of the page.

At the end of the story it has a list of questions to talk about with your child.

You may then choose to complete soem of the tasks at the end of the book.

I will be referring to this book over the next few weeks.


Week 2- Monday 11th January

Please remember that the expectation is that you read with/to your child daily.

That you do a short alphabet/phonics session for 20 minutes - Use Phonics play games/Class webpage videos: Jolly Phonics & Tricky words.

CBeebies Alphablocks for alphabet and phonics.

Counting daily - Use CBeebies Numberblocks & maths games from above.

Reading resource:

Reading of any kind is fantastic and is a wonderful way to enjoy this time together. Here is a reading game for the children to get stuck into. The computer version is free, however if you choose to download the app, it is currently 99p.



Can you match the objects that rhyme? - Some ideas of things you may have in the house -

  • car, jar, star
  • sock, rock, lock, clock
  • cap, map
  • pan, can, fan
  • bag, tag, flag
  • bell, shell
  • duck, truck
  • rice, dice

Additional Maths game-

Play Funky Mummy's Addition to 10


See the source image


PE - Please remember that Joe Wicks  -PE with Joe is back from Monday 11th

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rY Or click here

Week beginning 11th January

Phonics - Phonics play to revise Phase 2 sounds (all alphabet letters & sounds)

Reading - See above Teach your Monster to Read & Oxford Owl for books and ideas.

Maths - Repeat and revise the above games.

I use these & Numberblocks to engage the children in fun Maths activities/learning.

Counting - this should be daily and can be done in many ways. In school we watch Mr Mac - Counting to 20 (On YouTube) We sing counting rhymes and songs. We count our steps (count be done going up and down stairs, we count the claps I do etc.

If you are out on your daily walk/exercise you could ask your child to tell you the numbers that they see either on doors or on car registration plates.

*As I have previously said Early Years learning takes place in many many ways.

If you are cooking or even baking then SO much learning will be taking place for Maths, Language and Understanding the world.

Writing -Early writing skills are made better when you child can use their fingers for little tasks. Playing with Lego, using scissors, colouring in, painting and drawing will all help your child to write better.

Please remind your child to keep practsing writing their name and the letters of the alphabet.

*Any photographs of your child learning or evidence can be sent to my email address.

Our new RE topic is - Getting to know Jesus

The children need to know that:-

  1. Jesus has great love for each one of us.
  2. We need to think about ways in which we can show love for others and for Jesus.

*Please think back to last weeks story - Have you filled a bucket today?

This week in RE I would like the children to:

Think of ways we can show love.

In Creative development (Art & Design) - I would like the children to make paper plate faces (this can be done on paper also) On one side it should have a smiley face and on the other a sad face. You can then talk about what sort of behaviour makes someone happy or sad.

In Physical development - You could physically show love using movements. EG arms wide to show how much love we have. Jumping for joy because we are happy that we are loved.

Ask the children to remember the story Guess How Much I Love You (this was used previously in RE - story can be found on YouTube).

Home Learning - Week beginning 18th January

This weeks learning will be based on a book called Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

I will add the YouTube version of the story at the bottom of the page.

Last week I added some rhyming words for you to look at. This week we will continue the rhymes, patterns and stories.

Please watch the story first and then ask your children if they can say which words rhyme?

The children could make lists this week of the words that rhyme from the book, or they can make lists (with your help if needed) of other rhyming words.

I have also added a selection of nursery rhyme videos. We took part in World Nursery Rhyme week in November. Nursery rhymes are such a great way for your children learning about rhymes and poems from an early age. There is also research to show that children who know nursery rhymes off by heart by the age of 4 or 5 leads to better reading results at a later age.

**Phonics Play** - Please use the link above to practise the games daily.

For the Zoom meeting this week we will be saying some nursery rhymes together.


Train shape sequencing



under water counting to 5 or 10


Physical development

Challenge - Can you count your steps this week on your daily walks?

Can you do 10 star jumps?

Can you hop on each leg 10 times?

RE learning

Our RE learning again this week - RE topic: Getting to know Jesus

Our goal for this week is to hear how Jesus cured people who are ill.

Please start by talking about the children's experience of being ill & who looked after them? Who made them better? Did they have to have medicine? 

If you have any dressing up clothes the children could dress as a nurse or doctor and role play looking after someone.

Creative development

Make a get well card for someone (this does not have to be a real person - in your role play you may decide that a toy is ill)

Home learning - Week beginning 25th January

This weeks learning will continue to be based on our RE topic - Geting to know Jesus.

Last week you were asked to think about people who are ill & to make a get well card.

This week I would like to to think of ways in which we can show our love for people who are ill.

Topics to discuss:

Where do we go when we are ill?

Who looks after us? Talk about hospitals and doctors surgeries and who works there. 

At this point you could look on Google for images of doctors and nurses (please discuss that they can be both male & female). Then ask your child to draw a picture of someone who could help look after them.

For a writing task I would ask the children to tell me which letters/sounds the words nurse and doctor begin with and ask them to try to write the words.

I have added an episode of Let's Play from Cbeebies about Doctors for the children to watch. There is also a book for the children to listen to called Going to the Doctor.

This will be at the bottom of the page.

*At this point in the year I always talk to the children about emergencies and calling 999.

* I also discuss medicines and how they can help us but that we only ever take medicine that the doctor or our parents say we can or it can be dangerous*

As a class we would write a class prayer for people who are ill. Last time the class prayer was -

"Dear God. Please help and look after the people in the world who are ill. Amen"

You could either write out the prayer and the children copy it, or make up your own prayer together and write it out. I would like you to either photograph your prayer or type it put and email to me please.


Please use any of the games we have used so far.There is a new game about shapes this week-



This week I said that we will learn some new sounds. I am adding the song for the new sound "Sh" & also a song by a teacher called Mr Mac. This explains that the sounds we will have two letters but makes one sound.

The children will still need to revise the alphabet sounds that they have learnt so far. Please continue to listen the the other songs and play on phonics play daily.

We have also found another website that is offering opportunities to download free books


*Please ensure that your children regularly watching the Tricky words song videos AND that they can read those words independently* This can also be a writing task.

Knowledge of the World

On Google maps can you find your house and show the way to Stepping Hill hospital?

The children have used this (with lots of support) in school to see where our school is and we have looked at my house and some of theirs.



Monday 1st February

This week’s learning will be based around Children’s Mental Health Week.

I am going to put 5 different activities that you can choose from throughout the week.  The main theme is Express Yourself.

My Favourite Outfit

We all have different tastes in lots of things and clothes in a main way in which we express ourselves on a daily basis.  What clothes do you enjoy wearing?  Are there any colours or patterns you particularly like?  Please draw a picture of yourself in your favourite outfit and try to label some of the items.  What sounds can you hear at the start of the words?

What Feelings Do We Have?

As humans we have lots of different emotions and we express these at different times.  Please think of a time when you have felt happy, sad, angry and excited…not all at the same time!  What made you feel like that?  How did you show how you were feeling?  Could you show those feelings in a different way?

Trip to an Island

I want you to imagine that you are going on a trip to an empty island.  What things would you need to take with you?  What things would you want to take with you?  Is there anything that you don’t think you could take but would miss a lot?

Your Own Fact Sheet

Please make a fact sheet all about you!  What do you look like?  What is your name?  Do you have any brothers of sisters?  Do you have any pets?  What are your favourite toys?  You can draw all these things and even try and label some parts too.

My Favourite Story

I would like you to choose your favourite story.  Share it with someone at home. What do you like about the story?  How does it make you feel?  Who are the characters?  How do they feel in the story?


There are lots of other links to activities and information on the school website.  I will also list a few below if you would like to do anything extra.





Please use any of the games we have used so far.  This week we are focusing on adding numbers to 10.  I have added a counting game and an adding numbers to 10 game. 







This week I said that we will learn some new sounds. I am adding the song for the new sound "ch", I have also left the song by Mr Mac explaining that the sounds we will learn have two letters but makes one sound.


The children will still need to revise the alphabet sounds that they have learnt so far. Please continue to listen to the other songs and play on phonics play daily.

We have also found another website that is offering opportunities to download free books


*Please ensure that your children regularly watching the Tricky words song videos AND that they can read those words independently.* This can also be a writing task.

Physical Development

Please enjoy a relaxing time doing some yoga this week. I have attached 3 different yoga sessions to choose from, or you could even do all 3 over the week!






Week beginning 1st March


LITERACY – World Book Day

This week is World Book Day and we are going to spend the week reading ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson


Watch the short film, if you have the book, please read the book too


Who are the characters in the story?

What do you like about the story?

How do you feel about the story?

Can you describe Zog – use your phonics to help you sound out the words.

Can you draw a story map to show what happens in the story?


Dragon School!!  Let’s all be dragons like Zog!

  1. Flying Lesson - Can you make a paper aeroplane and see how far it flies?  You could decorate your paper aeroplane.  Have competitions with the people you live with.  Whose aeroplane flies the furthest?  What is the best way to measure how far your aeroplane flies?
  2. In year Two the dragons learned to roar! Who can ROAR the loudest and the longest?  Can you pull the scariest face when you roar?
  3. Breathe fire – you could draw or paint a picture of a fire. Use a kitchen roll and coloured paper.  Collect objects in your house in red / orange and yellow and arrange.
  4. Catch a princess – your adult can hide a ‘prince / princess’ toy and you find it.  Or play hide and seek the prince or princess.

Well done you have completed Dragon School



Please use any of the games we have used so far.  This week we are focusing on adding and matching  numbers to 20.  I have added a counting, matching and ordering game. 






This week I said that we will learn some new sounds. I am adding the song for the new sound "th", I have also left the song by Mr Mac explaining that the sounds we will learn have two letters but makes one sound.



The children will still need to revise the alphabet sounds that they have learnt so far. Please continue to listen to the other songs and play on phonics play daily.



Cosmic Yoga

Cracker the Dragon of Wonder




Would you want to be Zog’s friend?

Have a think about what you learnt about Zog in the story.  Do you think Zog would be a good friend or bad friend? Why do you think this?  What do you like most about Zog?











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