If we are to respond effectively to the school’s values, we need to work in collaboration with families, parish and our local community.

Please note that at 11.30 am Mass on Sundays the parish helpers organise "Little Church" where children are withdrawn from church into the Parish Hall where they share the liturgy from a child's point of view; drawing, painting and fun activties take place.  Please feel welcome to bring your children to "Little Church".  Please make every effort to come along with your family. Teas and coffees are served in the parish hall after Mass and everyone is more than welcome to come along.



We Aim To:

  • Respond to God’s Commandment to love Him and to love our neighbours by fostering respect for others, a sense of justice for all and responsibility for our actions
  • To be a living and worshipping community within the Parish of St. Joseph’s and to prepare the children to become fully participant in the life of the Catholic Church.
  • To give religious instruction and to ensure that this our Catholic ethos permeates across the whole curriculum
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which contains a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding and gives every child the opportunity to develop to their full potential both in the care of a very committed staff and in a very happy and loving atmosphere.
  • To provide teaching which matches the ability of the children by means of a differentiated curriculum, recognising and catering for those children with special educational needs.
  • To create a dynamic interaction between home, parish and school which provides preparation for the pupils’ entry into the wider community
  • To recognise and nurture the unique qualities of each adult and child within the school community
  • To nurture the School Community in a respect for Religious and Moral values and to bring children to an understanding that all men and women regardless of creed and colour are redeemed by Christ and are equally deserving of human dignity.
  • To promote and develop the principle of equality of opportunity
  • To foster the growth of the children both in their own Faith and in their awareness of the world as maturing Christians

We work closely with Fr. Jim and Fr. David who are regular visitors in our school.

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