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Pastoral Care

The importance attached to pastoral care and the development of a caring environment within the school is something which is fundamental to St. Joseph’s.  All members of staff take an active role in the pastoral care of the children working in conjunction with the Headteacher.  The school regularly liaises with a wide range of Educational Support Services including the Educational Welfare Officer, Health Visitors and the school nurse etc.

Child Protection

The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher are the designated staff for dealing with all matters related to Child Protection.  St. Joseph’s adhere to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Safeguarding Policy.


All inhalers are to be kept in the pupils’ classroom, easily accessible and clearly labelled with their name. Inhalers need to be taken on outside visits such as school trips or swimming lessons. 

Although they should always be supervised by an adult, the individual pupils are responsible for administering their own medication from their inhalers.

Parents are responsible for checking expiry dates of all inhalers kept in school and replacing inhalers as appropriate.

Prescribed Medicines

Any courses of medicine requiring three or less doses should be taken outside school hours. Only those courses of medicine requiring 4 doses during the day should be allowed in school where one of the doses has to be taken during the school day (lunchtime)

If a child requires prescribed medication to be administered during school hours, parents are required to complete an authorisation slip giving permission for the medication to be administered.

All medication must be brought into school by an adult via the office and must not be brought into school by the child.

Where permission has been received, prescribed medicines can be administered by any adult.


The creation of a caring and secure environment which promotes concern for others, self-respect, a sense of responsibility and acceptable behaviour is a major aim for St. Joseph’s, so high standards of good behaviour and courtesy are expected at all times. 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is the wilful and conscious desire to hurt, frighten or threaten someone else.  All bullying is aggression – physical, verbal or psychological – although not all aggression is necessarily bullying.  Such behaviour is in conflict with the aims of a Catholic school and our Mission Statement.  Any child displaying such behaviour must be made aware of their actions and the consequences.  The Headteacher will deal with any incidents of bullying.

As a Catholic school we aim to prevent such incidents by ensuring, that from their first day at school, all our children understand that such behaviour will not be condoned, accepted or ignored and that it is against the will of God for our relationships with each other.  A positive reinforcement of this awareness on a regular basis will also be embedded through class discussions and at assemblies.

Children are encouraged to talk freely to any member of staff about incidents of bullying.

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