Prayer Room

Our Prayer Room has been designed to give all who use it a calm, prayerful and thoughtful setting where they can relax and be involved in activities that allow them to experience an opportunity to connect with God. From the religious artwork, the contemplative music, the candles, the smell of essences and the furnishings, children and staff can utilise this special place to develop their relationship with God as part of their ongoing journey of faith.


  • Children can express their worries and discuss these with staff in pastoral sessions.
  • Children can be involved in holy meditation sessions.
  • Children can discuss the ‘Big Questions’ in their lives.
  • Older children can discuss the meaning of the messages from scripture as they work as ‘Bible Buddies’ with younger age groups.
  • Children can plan and prepare their own collective worship which they present to class and whole school groups.


' I love this room because it reminds me of God's world- it is so colourful and bright. I like the reading area where you can read things just about God.'

Jacey Year 3


' I can talk to God about my worries or problems in here-it is a beautiful place and I love having it in school'

Alannah Year 3


'It's a good place to talk to Jesus. I like how there are prayers on the wall to help you pray'

Matilda Year 4 


'If you have any problems, you can talk to God in here and he can help you.' 

Reuben Year 4


' The prayer room is an important room because we are Catholics and it is a place that we can pray in. This room makes me feel very calm and it has a lovely style to it.'

Violet Year 4


'It is an inspirational and beautiful place to be with God. I feel you can be close to God here.' 

Alexa Year 5


'If you are stressed, you can come in here to relax. If you want to pray its a place you can come to.' 

Alfie Year 5 


Mrs Rothwell has experienced a special connection with the prayer room and will be using it for personal prayer and reflection. She has shared this:

'Always be grateful to God no matter how big or small the blessings you receive peace and love to the world.'


'For private refelction and gathering your thoughts-it's a special place to thank God for the lovely school we are in.'

Mrs Torkington

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