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At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School our Religious Education Policy encompasses our Mission Statement and our School Aims.



We believe that the whole of the educational provision in a Catholic Primary School is rooted in a religious understanding of life based on the Gospel. Worship and Religious Education in the classroom constitute the specific, but not exclusive, Religious Education provision. For the purposes of this document, Religious Education is considered as the professional area of the curriculum flowing to and from the life and values that the school seeks to proclaim and celebrate. As a Catholic school we offer Religious Education as an important contribution to the faith development of pupils. It may also be received, in our classrooms, by some pupils, as catechesis, deepening and enhancing their personal faith, or for some as evangelisation, this being the first time they have been presented with, personally, with the truths of living faith.


At St Joseph’s School we believe that Religious Education is at the heart of our curriculum as we strive to proclaim and live the Gospel Values. We see our role as supporting parents in leading their children to a greater understanding of who God is and to celebrating, with deeper faith and more understanding, the liturgy of the Church. We believe that Religious Education provides children with opportunities to recognise, affirm and celebrate the gifts and talents they and others have been given and to develop the skills which will enable them to think and question more deeply and lead, ultimately to a greater understanding and appreciation of their faith.

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In proclaiming the Gospel message we endeavour to share the Gospel spirit of love in all that we do and say by providing a warm, family atmosphere reflecting the fact that all children need to feel respected, trusted and loved. We believe that Religious Education is about the “meaning” and the need to discover answers about human existence. Love and security are the most basic human / religious needs. We teach that God is love and faithfulness, but understanding of this concept can only grow from our own experiences of kindness and love. Therefore every effort is made to create, in our school and in our classrooms, a community where the children know they are loved and feel confident and secure. Through our teaching of Religious Education we endeavour to enrich the lives of the individuals in our school.

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What do our children say about Religious Education at St Joseph’s Primary School? 

‘In this school it feels like you are learning something new, it’s not like any other subject. It gives you an opening to religion and how you can bond with God. I like RE as it teaches me more about my Christianity.’ Michael D

‘I think that RE is very important to learn about our faith. I enjoy singing hymns and praying during prayer and liturgy. I enjoy learning about all the stories and parables of Jesus.’ Sienna H

I think RE  is well taught in this school. The teachers make it fun for us-we learn beautiful songs, also art and drama is brought into this subject. ‘ Poppy

‘ I love to visit our Church. I’ve enjoyed singing hymns in church and praying to God.’ Alfie



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