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Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 6:20am

Good morning everyone

l hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and looking after each other. This is a difficult time for us all but hopefully it won't be for too long, and we will be back together in school in the not too distant future.  

Please keep yourselves busy, remember to keep the diary going every day as l am looking forward to finding out what you have been doing with your time. 

I will be sending home more work for you next week, so watch out for my email.

Remember- stay home, stay safe and look after each other.

Mrs Davies

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Dawn Pescud wrote:

Thanks for keeping in touch, hope you, all the staff and families are keeping safe and are well. We are working through the work you sent home, are taking part in history lessons from Liverpool’s WW2 bunker on Wednesdays via Facebook and today are checking in with Chester Zoo’s virtual zoo tour.

Take care from Dawn, Lauren and Thomas xx

Mrs Davies wrote:

Good morning to you all.
Great to hear you have been so busy but enjoying what you have been doing.
No surprise at the History element for Lauren.
Keep looking after each other and staying safe.
God bless
Mrs Davies

Denise Conyard wrote:

Dear Mrs Davies,

Hope you are well and keeping safe.
Jack has agreed to a timetable similar to school with some reasonable adjustments as the sun was shining.
We tried to include some physical activity outside kick ups and breaks in the back garden. Also some time in the park with his football.
We have also tried to include some life skills like learning to change a light bulb and how to start the washing machine cycle once the washing is inside with the tablets.
He has also googled how dogs communicate along with doing his weekly chores of recycling, hanging up the smalls ( washing) and changing his bedding! !
He seems to think he hasn’t done ( lecnac) to do with fractions ??
If you have any advice re this we would appreciate your advice.

Look forward to your next blogs.
Denise & Jack Conyard 😀

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Gemma Butterworth wrote:

Hi hope you are well. Scarlett has been keeping in touch with her friends daily and they have been helping each other with maths tasks if needed. She has also been learning to cook and baking lots of cakes! We hope to be back to normal soon and see you before school ends for the summer

Mrs Davies wrote:

2020-03-30 18:36
IT is great to hear you are keeping well, and are busy having fun as well as completing work.
I am certainly praying that we will be back together before the Summer break. Keep baking Scarlett-remember Mrs Stokes and I love cake so you could make some for us to sample when we do see each other again.
Jack you have been very busy learning some valuable life skills- remember the ironing comes after doing the washing and hanging it out👍🤗.
To lecnac" (reverse of "cancel") is used to refer to the inverse operation of cancellation (or reduction) of a fraction.
Cancellation is achieved by dividing both the numerator and denominator by some number. Conversely, lecnacing is achieved by multiplying the numerator and denominator by some number. This leads to a whole chain of equivalent fractions...hope this helps.
Keep in touch and l will be sending some more work at the end of the week.
Remember: stay home, stay safe and look after each other.
I miss you all,
Mrs Davies

Gemma Butterworth wrote:

I'm sure scarlett would love to bake you some cakes! It would be great to upload some pictures to show what the children are doing. Heres hoping we all get back soon x

Mrs Davies wrote:

Some photos would be great to see. I will look forward to the cakes. Take care and keep messaging👍

Michael Wilkins wrote:

Hi Mrs Davies

Hope you are keeping well, Alex has been super busy at home too. He has finished all his worksheets you sent home and did really well with all of the maths. We have been picking some of the spellings out to memorise too.
He’s loved time with the little ones in the sun they’ve been shattered after a full afternoon on the trampoline & playing in the hot tub.
We’ve been cooking and he’s done some fab art work too!

Please stay safe and look forward to hearing how everyone else is doing too!

Emma, Mike, Alex, & the minis xxx

Mrs Davies wrote:

Hello the Wilkins'. It is lovely to hear from you and hear how hard Alex has been working. Well done Alex keep it up
I will be emailing more work to you on Friday. Remember to keep reading, l want to hear all about the books you have read. If you take any photo's of your activities it would be great to see them.
Stay home, stay safe and look after each other.
Hoping to see you all in the not too distant future.
Mrs Davies

Gemma Butterworth wrote:

How do we post pictures?

Mrs Davies wrote:

I have asked about adding photos and you can add them onto the pupil area as if they are your child

Mrs Davies wrote:

Good morning everyone
Week 2 over and I am missing seeing you all and catching up with your news. I hope you are all keeping well, staying at home and staying safe. I have heard from some of you about what you have been doing but it would be lovely to hear from more of you. It is very strange not being in school but I have been trying to keep busy.
I hope you are reading plenty of books-I am sending a book review in your next work pack and it will be great to build up a book of reviews to pass to the other classes.

It is great to be having fun while you are off, but keep up with your school work. Although school is closed we still need to keep using what we have already learnt.

As I mentioned I am sending a new work pack home today so watch out for it. Any questions just message on the blog.
Take care of yourselves and each other and hopefully we will be back together soon.
Mrs Davies x

Mrs Davies wrote:

Good morning Year 6
As this is Holy Week, and we can't be together, l would like you to think about the Lenten promises you made. Are you keeping that promise as much as you can in the current situation?
Take time to think about the sacrifice that Jesus made, and what this means for us as Christians.
Take time to say a prayer for yourselves and others at this difficult time.
God bless and take care.
Wishing you a blessed Holy Week
Mrs Davies

Denise Conyard wrote:

Hi Mrs Davies,
Nice to hear from you and how you are keeping yourself busy !!
Jack has had a very trying week !! Trying to get get him to focus on the questions to be answered. I am struggling with Spag ( it is my weakness).
Orla is helping out where she can.
Jack has learned how to clear the bathroom and how use bleach carefully to clean the toilet !! His face was a picture. 😊🤦‍♀️He did have his gloves on.
It has got very busy in the hospital and we’ve tried to include a religious element and comfort of prayer and ( disposable) rosary beads. The chaplains are allowed in and are taught how to put the masks and aprons on. St Peters has given some drinks and refreshments for the staff which was lovely.
There are about 3 wards opened now and numbers are increasing day by day. Some people are going home which is great news!!
Please remember patients who are suddenly deteriorating very quickly and in circumstances where we cannot get family in on time or in contact with.

God bless you all hopefully we can meet up after this is all over!
Denise, Jack and conyard family xx

Mrs Davies wrote:

Dear Parents, Carers and Children

I hope this finds you all well, safe and most definitely at home.
I hope the children have been able to complete the work that has been sent home, but mostly that they are having fun making memories with the rest of the family. I will send more work home after the Easter holiday, but please encourage plenty of reading and just talking to each other.
I wish you all a Blessed Easter together, and pray that this situation comes to an end soon and we can all get back together. I miss the children very much.
God bless you all
Mrs Davies x

Mrs Davies wrote:

Hi to the Conyards
Sorry I thought the message I added had saved but apparently not. Thank you Mrs Conyard and all your colleagues for the amazing work you are all doing. Thank you Orla for helping Jack with his work. I know he appreciates it as do I.

We have had a few technical issues with the website but we are now up and running fully again.
I hope you are making the most of the glorious weather. Just a shame we can't take off for a trip out. We must stay at home though, and bring this pandemic to an end so we can get back to school and catch up with everything we have been doing.
Watch out for more work tomorrow.
Missing you all
Lots of love Mrs Daviesx

Dawn Pescud wrote:

Hello to everyone
Hope you are are all safe and well. We have been doing some of the bbc bite size lessons and there are some relating to the transition from yr6 to yr7 which are worth a look. Lauren is still doing the weekly history lessons from the WW2 bunker and we have been enjoying the warm weather for our daily walks. We have been lucky enough to see a grouse, heron, kingfisher and a pair of buzzards as well as the usual rabbits ! Lauren has completed her game design and we are starting construction soon. We are all finding lockdown hard being away from friends, family and our usual routine but it is important to keep us all safe. Hoping we make it back to school even if it’s just for a week to see you all before the end of term. ❤️🌈🐝

Mrs Stokes wrote:

Hello my lovely school family, hope you are all doing well and having a laugh with each other while we are stuck at home, I just wanted to let you know I miss you all and our daily giggles at me being clumsy, so if mums and dads could possibly pass on my dopey-ness and maybe fall off a chair?! I’m desperately hoping we get back to finish our year 6 journey together! Love and laughter to you all, Mrs Stokes xx

Mrs Davies wrote:

Hello everyone. How are you all? I just wanted to check in with you all and make sure you are all well and stating safe.
Remember to look after each other, and take time to talk, especially if you are feeling a bit low.
I keep praying that we will be back together very soon. I miss seeing you and hearing all your news.
I hope your games are coming along nicely. We will have a games day when we get back and we will be able to evaluate all your hard work.
Love Mrs Daviesx

Mrs Davies wrote:

Good evening everyone. How are you all? I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather and getting outside as much as you can. Tomorrow is a very special day in British History and l hope you will mark the day in a special way.
We await the news from Mr Johnson on Sunday about what is going to happen regarding the current lockdown. Whatever decision he makes please be assured that school will be doing its utmost in order for everyone to be safe.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and look after each other.
Missing you all,
Mrs Davies

Dawn Pescud wrote:

Congratulations Mrs Davies on becoming a Nanna ! Such a joyful ray of light in the uncertain times we are living through. ❤️🌈🐝

Mrs Davies wrote:

Thank you Miss P. We are over the moon, she is gorgeous and we can't wait to finally meet her when she gets home. Hope you are all well. Hoping to see you all soon.
Love Mrs Davies x

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