Our Staff

Mrs C Spinks 

Headteacher/Safeguarding Lead/Maths 

Miss R Angeline

Deputy Headteacher/Deputy Safeguarding Lead/ RE/MFL/Computing Subject Lead

Mrs E Buckley

Reception Teacher/ Year 1/ Science/PSHE/RSE/Parent Partnership/Emotional Wellbeing/Foundation Lead

Mrs M Davies Year 6 Teacher/Geography/History Subject Leader
Mrs C Kinder Year 1/2 Teacher (Job Share) PESubject and Music lead
Mrs C Withnall Year 3/4 Teacher/Art and Design  Technology
Mrs E Slater Year 1/2 Teacher (Job Share) Key Stage One Leader/, Pupil Premium Lead, Assessment and Data Lead, Phonics&Early Reading Lead
Mr. T  Russell Year 4/5 Teacher/English Subject Lead/Curriculum Lead
Mr M  Cunningham Site Manager
Mr C Baylis Teaching Assistant/Nurture Provision
Mrs A Geldard Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Wilkins Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Stokes Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Hand Teaching Assistant
Miss V Anderson Teaching Assistant/ Midday Assistant
Ms S Rothwell Midday Assistant
Mrs M Burns Midday Assistant
Miss S Hamman Midday Assistant
Miss E Meredith Midday Assistant

Mrs D Torkington

Mrs C Bell

School Business Manager

School Administrator

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