Mission Statement

Together at St. Joseph’s

We Learn to Love

Following Jesus,

Sharing our Gifts


Building God’s World

Here at St. Joseph’s we do our best to challenge and support all our children so that every child has the opportunity to excel and achieve their potential.  As a team, we endeavour to provide a rich, exciting and diverse curriculum so that each child can experience a varied yet stimulating education within a small and homely environment in the very heart of Stockport town centre.

Our sub Mottos of ‘Anam Cara’ and ‘Where we Learn to Love and Love to Learn’ indicate our intimate approach of creating a spiritual haven where our children can grow and flourish in a loving and homely way along a path that Jesus wants us to take.

All our children strive for success and happiness encouraged by a committed staff, who by knowing and loving each child, provide wonderful opportunities to enhance their development.

We look forward to working with you and your child as they embark upon the next stage of their learning journey, as we work together in Faith to challenge, support and prepare our children as future citizens of this 21st century.

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