Remote Learning

We understand the importance of ensuring that children continue to develop, learn and flourish during any periods of 'lockdown' or self-isolation.

We want children to continue to ‘love to learn’ and ‘learn to love’ no matter what events are happening in the world. We want all children to learn using their heads, their hands and hearts. 

In the event of a partial or full school closure, the teachers will provide the following support to parents and carers with remote learning:

  • Staff set 15 lessons worth of work per week. This represents the core learning that children would have had in school. This includes 5 lessons of English, 5 lessons of Maths, 2 lessons of RE, 1 lesson of Science, 1 lesson of PSHE and 1 session of Prayer and Liturgy. 
  • Staff follow the school's curriculum ensure that ambitious and meaningful work is set
  • Staff send home a weekly overview of learning
  • Staff send a daily email, explaining that day’s work. This is always sent by 4pm on the previous day, to allow families to prepare.This email should include video links or self-made videos to explain new content.
  • The work is differentiated appropriately to meet different needs
  • Staff will provide answers and/or success criteria for the tasks. Parents are encouraged to contact school if further support is needed. 
  • Staff will set a weekly ‘assessment assignment.’ This should be returned via email or posted online. Staff will then provide personal feedback.
  • Zoom meetings will be hosted to allow children to see their friends and teachers face-to-face. There will be two members of staff in each meeting to safeguard everyone.
  • When there are families who need additional resources at home, or where there are families who are eligible for a place in school, this additional support will be provided.


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