Values and Ethos

With our school mottos of “Anam Cara” and “We Learn to Love and Love to Learn” we believe that the Catholic Faith is central to the life in St. Joseph’s School. 

Our guiding aim at St. Joseph’s is to create a positive and caring environment in which every child and every person is loved and encouraged to develop a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and have an understanding of the values and the practice of the Catholic Church. 

We aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to realise their true potential in a creative, happy and secure environment.  We value all our parents, carers and Governors as true partners and educators and encourage them and the wider community to be involved in the life of our school. 

We recognise that the school should be an extension of the home and together with the Parish Community of St. Joseph’s Church we strive to play a significant role in the spiritual and moral development of each child.


We aim to do this by:                    

  • Developing in each child the belief that whoever they are, whatever difficulties or problems they may have, God loves them and is always there for them
  • Encouraging each to develop their strengths and talents be that academic, social, physical or aesthetic
  • Respecting everyone in the school for their individuality and promoting an environment where they may work and grow in love without fear, hostility, ridicule or shame
  • Encouraging awareness of the needs of others
  • Fostering a desire to learn by creating an exciting and stimulating environment where the acquisition of knowledge is enjoyable
  • Modelling good relationships with one another, so that children witness mutual respect, a sharing of ideas and an opportunity to socialise and have fun as we journey as we journey together in school
  • Encouraging close co-operation between parish, Governors, Staff, Families and the wider communication
  • Developing a trusting relationship with each child within which the child received encouragement, praise and scrutiny
  • Providing opportunities for children to reflect on and appreciated the wonder of God’s world around us.


Together as St Joseph's
We Learn to Love Following Jesus, Sharing our Gifts and
Building God's World


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Who we are

Here at St. Joseph's we do our best to challenge and support all our children so that every child has the opportunity to excel and achieve their potential.

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