At St Jospeh's we are excited to deliver Maths — No Problem! to our children. This is a research-based, maths mastery programme for all classes from Reception to Year 6. The underpinning belief of the programme is that every single child can achieve a deep understanding and love of maths with the right teaching and support.Teaching maths for mastery is a transformational approach to maths teaching as it allows all children to develop mathematical fluency and confidence. All lessons begin with a real-life problem, so they are relatable and interesting to the specific age range of children.

Children are given time to think deeply about maths and really understand the concepts. This slower pace leads to greater progress. The programme uses a spiral curriculum where each subject or skill area is revisited in intervals at a more sophisticated level each time. Using this technique, material is presented in a logical sequence. The programme is based on the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach to learning. Initially a concept is enacted with concrete materials; later it is represented by pictures and then by abstract notation (such as a plus or equals sign).

When teaching maths for mastery, the whole class moves through topics at broadly the same pace. But although they are working through the same content, there is still plenty of opportunity for children to access the learning at their level. Children who grasp concepts quickly are challenged with rich and sophisticated problems within the same topic, while those who are struggling are provided with additional support to consolidate their understanding before moving on.

Please see the attached documents for further information about our maths curriculum. 

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