Admissions to the school will be made via the Admissions Department at Stockport Council who will follow the set of ADMISSIONS’ CRITERIA forming a priority order where there are more applications for admissions than the school has places available.


FOR ADMISSION AT THE START OF OUR RECEPTION YEAR:  In order to secure a place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School for your Reception Child you will need to apply to the local authority directly.  The application process for admission in the following year (e.g. if your  child is due to begin in September 2021, you would apply from September 2020.)  The deadline closes by early January (e.g. you must apply by the January if you want your child to begin that September).  Parents now apply online at  The local authority offers places at the end of March.  By the end of April, parents have the right of appeal against a decision not to admit their child to the school of their choice.

 Under the Diocese of Shrewsbury and Stockport LA schemes all admissions are based on the following:

 1)  Baptised Roman Catholic Looked After Children  and previously Looked After children.

2)  Baptised Roman Catholic children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission.

3)  Baptised Roman Catholic children resident in the parish of St. Joseph’s RC Church.

4)  Baptised Roman Catholic children resident in other parishes.

5)  Other Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children.

6)  Other children who have a sibling in the school at the time of admission

7)  Other children.

FOR ADMISSION AT ANY OTHER TIME:  If your child has already begun school and you wish to apply to move him/her to St. Joseph’s an application has to be made via the Admissions Department at Stockport LA

Offers of places may be withdrawn if any false information is provided.



Under Section 324 of the 1996 Education Act Governing Bodies are obliged to admit a child with a statement of special educational needs that names their school.  However in advance of that process the Local Authority should have provided either a copy of the proposed statement and appendices or, where they are proposing to amend part 4 of an existing statement, either the proposed amended statement or the amendment notice together with a copy of the existing statement, and in either case , the appendices.

The Governing Bodies in Voluntary Aided Schools can object to the admission on the grounds that the child’s age, ability, aptitude or special educational needs, or that the placement would be incompatible with whom the child will be educated, or with the efficient use of resources.  The Local Authority has a duty to consider such objections and may consider these sufficient to warrant the naming of another school.  In turn the parents can appeal against that decision to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST).

For the child’s needs to be best addressed, it is important that the process outlined is applied thoroughly and with a clear understanding of the responsibilities resting on all parties.


If you are in any doubt, do not have access to a computer etc, please feel free to come into the school office where the staff will help and assist you with admissions


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