Hello to Year Four (11th July)

Date: 11th Jul 2020 @ 11:16am

Dear Year 4,

Your reports have winged their way to you yesterday. I hope you are all happy with what you have acheived and have a few ideas of what you can do in year 5.

I have also phoned every family in year 4 this week and I am so happy to hear everybody is doing well. I have left voicemails for a few people who I could not reach - if your family needs anything from me to help, please ask.

Remember, all the resources and worksheets are up on the Year 4 page: https://www.st-josephs-pri.stockport.sch.uk/page/home-learning/65126... 


...and you can see my video message to you there too. I'm officially a Youtuber now!



All the best,

Mr Russell

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