Date: 27th Mar 2020 @ 8:02pm

Hello Year 1 children and families,

I cannot believe it's only been two weeks since I have seen you all...seems like forever. I was too poorly to come to school the week before school closures were announced. But I've been given the 'all clear' now and no I did not have the Coronavirus...thankfully. I am back to work on Monday and Tuesday next week caring for the children of keyworkers and I'm looking forward to seeing our lovely children. 

I will be putting various activities on the class page but I don't want parents and carers to worry if your child isn't receptive to learning at home. This is a very turbulent time for everyone and the last thing we all need is more pressure. Daily reading with your child is fantastic, playing board games, encouraging your child to use their imagination in their play, be creative and have fun enjoying precious time together. 

Get in touch if you need any support, help or just a chat. Take lots of care, 

Miss Fewtrell

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