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Date: 1st Dec 2020 @ 11:34am

Hello everyone

It was so good to speak to you last week about your children's progress and how they have settled in to school.

During the meeting I mentioned to many of you that the best way to keep up to date with what is going on in school is via the school spider App and by looking on my class webpage.

On the class page you will see the videos we use to teach the letters and sounds and also the tricky words that the children need to learn. 

We have now completed all of the alphabet sounds in class and I am now teaching the childen to put some short letter sounds together to form words. The first set of words we have learnt to read are 'at' words such as cat, bat, rat, sat, mat, hat. 

The tricky words that we have been learning are I, the , to, no ,go and moving on to he, she, we. These are on the video on the class page.

Not all children develop at the same rate, and so your child may be still learning all of the letter sounds, or they may know them all and be reading some words. Whatever your child can do I encourage you to keep working on the letters sounds at home and to practise writng some letters and words. It is very important that your child can write their name independently, so this would be a great word to practise at home. 

In Maths we are learning to count in the correct order to 20. We are matching numbers to a group of objects and beginning to add numbers together. 

Reading to your child is very important and also talking about the stories that you read. Asking questions about the stories you read will let you know if your child can listen well & whether they can remember what has happened.

We are reading and looking at simple books together at school. Hoefully in January, when the children know more words, we will begin to send books home. 

I also encourage you to play some of the phonics games on the programme Phonics Play. This can be accessed either via Google or there are some games on the home learning page on my class webpage.

Thank you

Mrs Buckley 

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