Residential meeting for parents/carers

Date: 5th Oct 2019 @ 6:15am

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the meeting about our visit to Mount Cook.

Just to clarify the information given out:

â–ªThe children need to bring a packed lunch for Wednesday only please

â–ªChildren to bring old clothes to wear, NO designer makes or expensive trainers.  If it rains it will be extremely muddy, and once wet it will be very difficult to get anything dry.

â–ªAs we will be having a disco on Thursday evening the children can bring something 'dressy' to wear, but only for that.

â–ªAny medications to be put in a sealed envelope with name and instructions for administering i.e times, dose etc. 

â–ªNO electrical items to be brought-phones, tablets and gaming devices. We do not have the facilities for storing them and cannot take responsibility for them. However children can bring a disposable camera with them.

â–ªAll bedding is provided-some children have asked if they can bring their own pillows. There is no need and it will only take up extra space in their luggage.

â–ªThe children will not need any money, again we cannot be responsible for any money brought. However I have said the children can bring some sweets with them but not too many please!

â–ªCould you please put a couple of black bin bags in your child's luggage, just in case the weather is bad.

â–ªSome of the children think they will have time for pamper sessions. Unfortunately this has not been planned in to the timetable, therefore there will be no need for face masks etc. Definitely no make up.

Finally, can I please ask that you label all your child's clothing.

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