Spring 2 - End of week 2

Date: 5th Mar 2022 @ 8:11am

This week we had 3 reasons to celebrate. On Tuesday it was both St David's day and Shrove Tuesday & Thursday was World Book Day!

On Monday we read Mr Wolf's Pancakes - a book all about Mr Wolf's friends not helping him and being unkind. He gets his own back in the end when they all want to share his pancakes. Maybe your child could tell you all about the story.

OnTuesday we celebrated St David's day by looking at the signs and symbols for the day. The children made a daffodil bouquet to bring home and we talked about where Wales is, we found it on a map and we looked at traditional dress. 
We also talked about Shrove Tuesday and why people eat pancakes on that day. In our home corner we had all the ingredients needed for pancakes and we wrote down and drew what we would need. The children practised tossing a pretend pancake and used play dough to roll out some dough and cut them into circles. 
The children learnt that Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday- the first day of Lent. Father Blaise came to visit us on Ash Wednesday and gave the children ashes. We talked about how we can be kind like Jesus, and how some older children and adults give us something they like during Lent. 

Thursday was World Book Day and we had so much fun reading and talking about our characters. We pretended to act like the characters and drew pictures of ourselves and made special World Book Day bunting to put up in the classroom. We read or listened to at least 5 books, and made our own class book to show in next weeks assembly.

The weather finally got better yesterday and we spent the afternoon out in our learning garden and on the bikes and scooters in the playground. As we go in to Spring I hope that we will spend much more time outdoors for learning and helping us to be healthy. 

Finally this week I need to say that I am still having difficulties collecting reading books back in. If you do not send your child in to school with their reading book, I cannot then give out reading books to another child. We only have a small amount of each book and not returning them causes delays in our reading progress. Please check your child's bag daily to see which book they have and read with them for 10 minutes. Also please check at home for any reading books and send them back on Monday. We are missing approximately 12 books since we started to use them a couple of months ago. 

Reading is one of the most important things that you can do with your child at home. Looking at and reading through their reading book daily, reading a bedtime story or looking at a boom that they find interesting will help them so much. You can join Stockport library for free and borrow books. And don't forget to use their World Boom Day token to exchange for a free book or money off.

Have a lovely weekend 

Mrs Buckley

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