Spring - end of week 3

Date: 21st Jan 2022 @ 3:40pm

Firstly, I have to apologise. Your children's reading books were left on the desk at the end of the the day.

They will be given out on Monday and will need to be returned by Wednesday next week.

Over the weekend you could practise some 'Fred Talk' words - pen, cat, hen, hat, get, mat, on, sit, pin.

The children know about 'red' words also. These are the 'Tricky words' that are on the video on my class page.

This week we have been practising - I, the, no, go & be


In class this week we have been thinking more about the story - The Tiger Who Came To Tea. The children have been pretending to be the characters when they have been playing in the home corner. We have also spent time in the learning garden to investigate and explore the frost and ice. Each night the staff have put aninals, leaves etc into the water trays and the children have thought of ways to free them from the ice. 

We have had a big focus throughout the week on playing nicely together. As a result of the pandemic I appreciate that many children missed out on play dates and socialising with others. This has had a huge impact on their school life and their ability to share and play nicely with others. Please always remind your children that they should not hit, push or hurt anyone & if someone does something that they do not like, then they should tell a member of staff so that we can deal with it. 

We have also been thinking about what makes us happy and what makes us sad. Next week we will be thinking about how we can make other people happy and how we can help others.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Buckley

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